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The Art of Kelvin Espada

Kelvin Espada is a gifted photographer and has offered the guests of Marina Bay Resort a deal of the century.

Do you want your family to have lifetime memories captured on film while visiting the Emerald Coast?  Call Kelvin and tell him you want the Marina Bay Resort special of only $200, which includes a beach session and digital copyrights of all images taken by Kelvin.  No up front fees.  Kelvin will deliver the disc after he processes them to his liking before you leave to go back home.

If you are a camera lover, how about joining Kelvin on an expedition to capture pictures of the Milky Way, a historic fort, or a breath-taking sunrise?  Let Kelvin show you the place and time to get the best picture for only $50.

Visit Kelvin’s page
www.funinnavarre.com and his FB page

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