1. Marina Bay Resort is conveniently located just one mile from the Emerald Coast’s most BEAUTIFUL beaches!
  2. Want a large space to gather with your family or group? Bring a game to the Retro Room or just hang out and watch a show on either of the two tv’s located at opposite ends of the room.
  3. Try a wide range of gourmet coffee, teas, sodas, ice cream, snacks and books in The Snack Shoppe, conveniently located across from the Front Desk.
  4. If it’s too hot during the day, then be sure to get your night swimming in and enjoy the view while you’re at it.
  5. There is nothing quite like relaxing around the pool at night and enjoying the beautiful lights reflecting from the water around the boat docks.
  6. Our activities director hosts a weekly movie night in the Retro Room! Check the weekly schedule for details.
  7. The all new retro gathering place at Marina Bay is a FUN place to chat, play games, watch TV, read a book or browse online. Great for parties too!
  8. Waterfront Pool: A refreshing place in any season! Cool in summer, heated in winter.
  9. Our courtyard is a great place to enjoy the beauty of nature.
  10. Enjoy the courtyard from our patio with ample seating for your next reunion or corporate event.
  11. Enjoy shuffleboard under our large oak in the courtyard.
  12. Keep up with your normal workout schedule in our exercise room.